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Big Business Influences America's Health Care System

Big Business Influences America’s Health Care System

Financial services provider American Express is the only major credit card welcomed in America’s Costco warehouse stores. Aside from that relationship, the two companies are members of an exclusive organization where Fortune 500 companies join forces to influence the health care industry.

In the world of retail and commerce, Amex and Costco benefit from a symbiotic relationship; American Express offers credit cards, traveler’s checks, and other financial services. Bulk retailer Costco has a steady stream of shoppers eager to pay with something other than cash.

The relationship goes deeper. Both top-ranked companies are some of the best U.S. employers. Although each business operates differently, they both make staff health a top priority. One-way they control the well being of their works is their affiliation with the National Business Group on Health.

The non-profit organization allows titans of industry to brainstorm about all thing’s health care related. Additionally, once employers form an opinion, the group will represent them. The influence of America’s most powerful organizations is strong and helps shape the nation’s health agenda. Sectors that have been impacted include patient safety, the quality of health care, and managing health care costs.

American Express has been ranked one of the 100 top companies to work for by CNN. The company has received acknowledgement for their commitment to reducing the health care imbalance in the workplace.

Among retailers, Costco is a favorite of investors, customers, and employees. The organization treats their team very well by paying them a living wage and providing company-sponsored health insurance. Those factors encouraged Forbes to rank the organization as the number one retailer to work for in 2013.

These two companies are good for each others business. They are also major players in health care, and positive corporate role models.