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Natural Energy BoostersEnergy can be tough to muster, and processed drinks appear to be the solution. Over the past decade, energy drinks brimming with caffeine and other stimulant have evolved to become a billion dollar business. Despite the popularity of said beverages, there are health risks associated with consuming the drinks and knowing what natural options are available can help you make an educated decision when it comes to getting some extra vitality.

Energy drinks have existed for decades. However, at the beginning of the 21st century the business started to boom. By 2017, the energy drink market will be a $21 billion industry. Despite the growing popularity of the liquid elixirs, you need to know the health risks linked to the refreshment options.

In America, heart disease causes 1 of every 4 deaths, and while energy drinks are not the main cause they can contribute to the problem. At  the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America research showed how consuming energy drinks negatively impact the well being of healthy adults. Study results showed that when the study group sipped on energy drinks, within an hour they experienced an increase in heart contraction rates. The mix of caffeine, sugar and other stimulating ingredients present in the beverages strained the left ventricle.

The Food and Drug Association is currently investigating the risks of energy drinks. So what can you do to feel rejuvenated and minimize your risk of heart issues now? Fortunately plenty.

Exercising is nature’s energy booster. Moving your body will stimulate blood flow and get your heart pumping in the most natural way. A 20-minute stroll should do the trick.

If you choose to take that walk in the sunshine, you will feel extra refreshed. By taken 10 minutes to sit in the sun, you will get a natural boost in your serotonin levels. The compound is a mood regulator and improved mood can help increase energy.

When you cannot get away from your desk, sipping on green tea is a much smarter option than reaching for a processed energy beverage. Green tea is brimming with antioxidants that can help reduce gum inflammation and fight cancers. The beverage also contains caffeine, the main ingredient in the majority of energy drinks. With green tea, you will maintain control over what you ingest and will not have to worry about unsavory additives like the ones in manufactured energy drinks.

Success in entrepreneurship requires much energy, but dying for a dream is not worth it. Until I learn the full truth behind energy drinks, I will try a more natural approach to secure my get-up-and-go. How about you?